189 Visa for New Zealanders

Slight-of-hand effectively curbs Australia’s immigration intake

The figure may appear to be the same but the reality is that a lower number of permanent immigrants will be likely to arrive into Australia over the next twelve months.

For its consistent economic development, Australia relies a lot more upon immigration than it does upon natural population growth.As such, the government has retained the annual cap at 190,000 but it’s in the calculated distribution of this figure that its intentions are swiftly becoming more and more clear; intentions which unashamedly favour New Zealanders, many of whom are already temporarily resident in Australia, together with prosperous South African residents.

Shuffling new cards into the deck

New Zealand citizens can currently study or work in Australia on temporary, but indefinite, subclass 444 visas, just as subclass 189 visas provide New Zealand citizens with a five-year pathway to Australian citizenship. Such visas are heavily subscribed and now they form a crucial part of Australia’s 190,000 annual cap, substantially reducing availabilities for skilled applicants from other (predominantly Asian) countries. Also, as many of the NZ visa holders are already resident in Australia, this blatant slight-of-hand will obviously result in fewer new approvals; fewer new arrivals.

An adjustment which will change Australia’s migration mix

As reported in a recent ABC News article, a continuation of these changes will have a profound effect upon the composition of Australia’s future population and upon the distribution of its skills.

In past years, a large proportion of Australia’s intake was made up of independent or employer-sponsored skilled visas. The vast majority of these applicants were from highly trained workers living overseas, principally from India but also from China and other nations.

In recent months however, invitations to apply for these visas have progressively fallen, recording a late drop of over 43 percent; recognition of the evolving changes, as the number of local New Zealander applications continues to steadily increase.

Accuracy, relevance and superior preparation

Just as it takes a highly accomplished archer to find the bullseye on a shrinking target, the reducing number of visa acceptances for overseas workers suggests that any application submitted clearly, appropriately and professionally, from the outset, must generally present a far better chance for a positive outcome.

The days of presenting personally-prepared documentation in the hope of acceptance, or at worst redirection, may well be numbered. Professionalism, expertise and attention-to-detail have become essential elements of the immigration process; now an extraordinarily selective process where only strong applications survive.

Talk to experts in the field

Immigration is an extremely complex area and one which is constantly evolving.

It really does pay dividends therefore, to obtain professional assistance; skilled practitioners who are specialised in the field, comprehensively trained to recognise the traps and the trends. It can save so much time, prevent so much unnecessary expense and often present real hope, in place of ultimate disappointment.

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