NAATI Accreditation Equals Extra 5 Points

You’ve passed your IELTS; now achieve an additional five points towards Australia’s skilled migration requirement

Australian migration relies upon a points-based system, designed to provide admittance strictly to highly qualified, experienced professionals who will be best equipped to meet the country’s skilling needs and adequately prepared to assimilate with Australian society.

In order to be considered for permanent skilled migration, most Skilled Migration Visas require applicants to score a minimum number of points. Previously 60, this qualification threshold was recently upgraded to 65 points; an upgrade which has prompted many prospective applicants to seriously review their options, searching for opportunities to boost their positional rankings in the General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa points system.

One such avenue which, particularly with certain Asian and Latin American groups, appears to be gaining in popularity is undertaking the current Credentialed Community Language (CCL) test via National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Success in this ‘clearing language test’ can provide a valuable five additional points towards a potential applicant’s points-based GSM visa score.

What is NAATI?

NAATI is the examining body, providing accreditation for translators of a vast number of languages, including English, Spanish and Asian dialects and now offering a ‘CCL’ test for language proficiency.

Two things must be made clear however, firstly that NAATI’s CCL test is an optional addition to the compulsory EILTS test and secondly that, although it can add an all-important additional five points to an applicant’s GSM score, a successful result in the CCL test is not in any way certification for the candidate to work as an interpreter or translator.

Indeed, such skills require significantly more training and testing (in Argentina, for example, the only pathway to becoming a traductor público – sworn translator – is via a university degree with strict admission requirements) but NAATI’s CCL test is purpose-designed for today’s skilled migration visa applicants, so it could be a valuable addition for you.

Why do the NAATI test, when IELTS is compulsory anyway?

The simple answer to this is for the applicant to gain five additional points against his or her GSM score.

IELTS is a British-based test which, outside of the USA, has become the most widely used measure for English language proficiency. It is an academic examination which covers listening, speaking, reading and writing, with specific accent on tenses and complexity. A minimum score of 6 is currently required for most skilled visas.

NAATI’s CCL examination adds to this achievement. Held at a basic conversational level, the CCL focuses upon determining the applicant’s ability to interpret a conversation between two speakers who are conversing in different languages.

Currently, NAATI reports an overall pass rate of above 50%; an outcome which goes a long way to explaining the growing popularity of this valuable language “add-on”. Tests are held in most Australian capital cities.

Language tests should never be taken for granted

Of course, undertaking the NAATI CCL test does not preclude applicants from achieving the required level in IELTS. NAATI is an additional voluntary test which, if undertaken, means that applicants will be subjecting themselves to two separate examinations. But the rewards are both obvious and substantial.

When taking these tests, overconfidence is so often the applicant’s greatest enemy. They are not easy. Study and preparation are always required and these things will aid in removing the usual stress and anxiety associated with what are potentially life-changing examinations.

We are always here to help

In the complex and constantly changing world of immigration law, nothing is constant and nothing is simple. It really does pay dividends therefore, to obtain professional assistance, skilled practitioners who are specialised in the field, comprehensively trained to achieve the finest possible outcomes in the shortest possible time, whilst avoiding so much unnecessary expense.

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