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Robots To Decide Your Visa

 April 06, 2018  ·   Carlos Sellanes

Determination by Algorithm – The Retirement of Evaluative Judgement On March 30th 2018, confirming the growing trend of government instrumentalities to rely upon automated computer processes when making potentially life-changing decisions, Section 495A of the Migration...

Goodbye 457 Visa Hello 482

 April 04, 2018  ·   Carlos Sellanes

Goodbye 457, it’s time to talk about 482 After learning to find relative comfort in the now-defunct 457 Temporary Work Visa, applicants and their approved sponsors are suddenly being required to face new challenges, in the...

Employer Nomination Schemes

 April 03, 2018  ·   Carlos Sellanes

The latest range of modifications to Subclass 186 (Employer Nomination Scheme) and Subclass 187 (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme) were introduced on March 18th 2018, finding many points of parity with the broad series of recent migration legislation amendments whilst, quite predictably, tightening requirements for...

Visa Cancellation – Making the Right Choices

 March 30, 2018  ·   Carlos Sellanes

The almost instantaneous enforcement of visa cancellations may often appear heartless and totally lacking in reasonable evaluation but the fact remains, abrupt cancellations can and do happen. It’s therefore incumbent upon affected visa holders to act quickly, seeking immediate...

Entrepreneur Visa

 March 12, 2018  ·   Carlos Sellanes


A recent article on the website identified that the Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, has unveiled a pilot program for a new ‘entrepreneur visa’ that would let overseas entrepreneurs and investors with an “innovative idea and a supporting business plan” to apply for a temporary ...

Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa update

 February 14, 2018  ·   Carlos Sellanes

An update has come through from the Department of Home Affairs regarding the announced 457 visa changes and replacing it with Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa. They want to further clarify issues and information related to the roll out of the TSS visa. There are still some unresolved...

Temporary closure of 188/132 applications

 February 06, 2018  ·   Carlos Sellanes

  VISA · 457 VISA

On January 31st the Immigration of South Australia announced a temporary closure to the 188/132 state nomination applications. According to the Department of Immigration South Australia, they have exceeded the number of places made available to them by the Department of Home Affairs. Unfortunately, current applications that...

457 Visa Changes - All You Need to Know

 January 22, 2018  ·   Carlos Sellanes

As you might be aware, the Department of Immigration last year announced the 457 visa changes and replacing it with two new temporary visas. So, what’s changed and how does it impact you? The upcoming visa reforms in March now states the 457 visa will be replaced with the completely...

Migration Agent - 5 Tips for Choosing a Good One

 December 19, 2017  ·   Carlos Sellanes

Every year thousands of people lodge visa applications. Knowing what documentation to collect, what the rules are and who to speak to can be a daunting task, not to mention very stressful. The complexity of the paperwork, long processing times and the costs involved can put a lot...

Working Visa Information

 November 15, 2017  ·   Kevin Clark

Hiring foreign workers can be a highly beneficial option for many Australian businesses. Whether you are unable to find appropriately skilled locals, don’t have the resources to train existing staff, or are looking to introduce a fresh perspective –...

Victoria Occupation List

 November 07, 2017  ·   Carlos Sellanes

The Live in Victoria website has announced a temporary closure of applications for engineering and building occupations on the Visa Nomination Occupation List for Victoria. Due to an influx of visa applications, the following occupations will be put on hold from 16 October 2017 to 12 January...