South Australia and New South Wales update State Lists – Special Conditions Imposed

South Australia and New South Wales update State Lists – Special Conditions Imposed

Updated state occupation lists have recently been announced by South Australia and by New South Wales, to cover the 2018/2019 year. Each records changes from previous lists, the focus upon English proficiency is more pronounced but pathways towards possible permanent residency remain largely unchanged.

Changes more significant in South Australia

The South Australian government, through Immigration SA, is looking specifically for applicants who have a commitment to South Australia; those who genuinely wish to settle in the state. A high-points pathway is offered for applicants over a broad list of occupations, where those applicants have achieved a minimum of 80 points on the Department of Home Affairs’ points test.

There are quotas for the high-points category and during the program year, the minimum point requirement may be subject to increase. Specific occupations may also be removed from eligibility.

ICT Occupations

In relation to ICT occupations which appear on the 2018/2019 State Nominated Occupations List and involve skills assessment from the Australian Computer Society (ACS), Immigration SA is again requiring offshore applicants to meet a points requirement higher than the Department of Home Affairs points test.The minimum requirement has initially been set at 70 points (including the 10 state nomination points for subclass 489 provisional visa) but subject to the number of applications received; this may possibly be downgraded to 65 points.

This higher point target is not necessarily a requirement for applicants currently working in South Australia, whilst skilled work experience points will be determined subject to each individual ACS skills assessment.

Special Conditions

The revised South Australian state occupation list flags a number of occupations which are now subject to special conditions, as per the following extracted examples:

135112 – ICT Project Manager: For this occupation, special conditions were updated on September 14th. These included requirements for applicants to have “proficient” English (IELTS 7.0) plus a minimum score of at least 70 points.

139914 – Quality Assurance Manager: Updated on August 16th 2018 to include a requirement for “proficient” English. Applicants holding 489 visa, together with offshore applicants remain eligible.

139913 – Laboratory Manager: Updated on July 14th 2018, this occupation now also requires “proficient” English. Applicants holding 489 visa, together with offshore applicants remain eligible.

223211 – ICT Trainer: “Proficient” English now required. Both 489 visa and offshore applicants remain eligible but this category is not available for applicants on high points unless they hold a subclass 489 visa.

232214 – Other Spatial Scientist: “Competent” English (IELTS 6.0) or (Proficient Overall) is now the minimum requirement.

232411 – Graphics Designer: Competent” English (IELTS 6.0) is now the minimum requirement; applicant must hold a subclass 489 visa and be outside Australia.

252711 – Audiologist: Updated on August 9th 2018, minimum requirement is now that applicants must have “Proficient” English, together with three years of work experience within the relevant field.

254418 – Registered Nurse (Medical): Special conditions updated September 10th 2018 require that applicants must have minimum of five years’ experience within the relative field.

261212 – Web Developer: Updated August 16th 2018, applicants must now achieve a minimum 70 points and a “Proficient” level in English.

Full nomination process available on South Australian Government website:

New South Wales Updates

In NSW the skilled regional nominated (489) visa is a provisional visa which allows the holder to live and work in regional NSW for up to four years and which also provides a possible pathway to permanent residency. Holders of this visa who live for at least two years and who work for at least one year within a specified region of NSW may be eligible to ultimately apply for a permanent visa.

On September 7th 2018, New South Wales updated its Regional – Northern Inland List, which now includes the following occupations:

121211 – Cotton Grower

121214 – Grain, oilseed or pasture grower

121299 – Crop Farmers (nec)

121411 – Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer

232111 – Architect

233215 – Transport Engineer

251211 – Medical Diagnostic Radiographer

324111 – Panel Beater

351111 – Baker

394111 – Cabinetmaker

The full NSW Occupations List is available on the NSW government website.

Applications must be accurate and thorough

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