Occupation List - State Updates

State Occupation Lists – Updates Planned for July 1st

Following our recent blog article flagging anticipated changes to the Skilled Migration Occupation Lists, the Department of Home Affairs has now released its update to impending reviews and/or variations to the State Occupation Lists for all states and territories.

Whilst, in certain areas, this information has yet to be completed, we provide you with a state-by-state summation of details released to date:

New South Wales

There were no changes announced to the occupation list for NSW. In April 2018, subclass 190 visas received 256 allocations, with 489 visas receiving 95 places.


Current variations are yet to be finalised. May updates however, saw two occupations added to the Queensland State Occupation List:

272413 – Translator

254424 – Registered Nurse (Surgical)


Victorian state immigration remains suspended until further notice. The most recent figures reflect the month of April, when Victoria issued 278 nominations for 190 visas but none for 489 visas.

South Australia

Finalised updates now include four additional occupations:

272413 – Translator

321212 – Diesel Motor Mechanic

262113 – Systems Administrator

313113 – Web Administrator

Western Australia

Applicants are currently urged to visit the state government website for specific requirements.


In its most recent review, Tasmania has actually removed two occupations from its state list:

251513 – Retail Pharmacist

251511 – Hospital Pharmacist

Northern Territory

No changes have been announced for the NT occupation list. In May, NT issued 14 nominations for subclass 190 visas plus 49 for 489 visas.

Australian Capital Territory

Again no changes to the ACT occupation list have been announced. In the last period ACT issued 100 nominations for 190 visas but none for 489 visas.

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