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Hiring foreign workers can be a highly beneficial option for many Australian businesses. Whether you are unable to find appropriately skilled locals, don’t have the resources to train existing staff, or are looking to introduce a fresh perspective – expanding your employment scope abroad is a great opportunity to introduce diversity and increase economic competitiveness.

However, on top of the standard risks associated with employing new staff, hiring workers from overseas introduces a new range of rules and regulations, which can often discourage Australian business owners from exploring work visa opportunities.

With so much conflicting and often confusing content available across a plethora of Government websites, Sellanes Clark and Associates aim to serve as one-stop visa shop. Our goal is to help Aussie businesses find their way through the maze of immigration information, and unlock the potential of non-citizen employment.

Key Considerations for Australian Businesses Employing People from Overseas

Understanding your Options:

There are a number of options available to Australian employers, each with their own unique benefits and restrictions, for example:

Hiring workers who are already in Australia, which can include:

  • International students – though restrictions apply on when students can work and for how many hours
  • Visitors on Working Holiday Visas – taking into account the risks associated with hiring someone who’s primarily on vacation
  • Skilled Migrants – who have come to Australia with specific skills that are in demand

Or, hiring skilled workers currently living overseas, which can include:

  • Sponsoring a foreign worker permanently – through the Employer Nomination or Regional Sponsored Migration Schemes
  • Sponsoring a temporary foreign worker – which can allow them to come to Australia to work for up to 4 years
  • Entering in to a labour agreement with the Australian Government

Luckily, the team at Sellanes Clark and Associates have a detailed understanding of the many different types of Australian work visas, and can quickly help you understand the best option for your business’s specific requirements.

Being Aware of your Obligations:

Ultimately, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure they are hiring workers who can legally work in Australia, and that any conditions of your employee’s visa are being met.

In fact, employing a non-citizen who is not allowed to work may leave you liable for penalties ranging from $3000 to $300,000 fines, or up to five years imprisonment.

Whilst Government websites will bounce you between visa entitlement research, visa verification services and national employment standard fact sheets, Sellanes Clark and Associates understands that keeping on top of Australian immigration laws is a full time job in itself.

Our industry leading immigration specialists draw from decades of experience to offer efficient and affordable assistance in processing Australian working visas. Most importantly, by providing valuable and up-to-date advice in the changing immigration landscape, we are able to maximise your businesses chances of successfully utilizing a global marketplace of skills.

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